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Frequently Asked questions

1. What computer systems does MacDB2000 run on?

MacDB2000 runs on PC compatible computers. MacDB2000 is a Microsoft Windows® compatible software application.  All versions of Windows are supported.

2. Can I use MacDB2000 on a network with multiple users?

Yes, MacDB2000 is multi-user network compatible and will permit access by multiple users. A dedicated network server is not required.

3. What is the cost of MacDB2000?

One-time Setup & Training for MacDB2000 is $1,000.00.
An annual Support & Maintenance contract is required on a per-user basis.  The annual Support & Maintenance cost is $900.00 per user per year.  Multi-user discounts are available.  Monthly payments are accepted.  Support and Maintenance contracts, include upgrades and enhancements as they become available.

4. How is support provided?

Telephone support (269) 426-5101.

5. What about upgrades to MacDB2000?

All upgrades to MacDB2000 require the purchase of a Maintenance & Support Agreement. Upgrades include all enhancements made to the software over time and often result from user input. A Maintenance & Support Agreement gives you some input into which features are added. Custom enhancements may be contracted separately.

6. What kind of guarantee does Inc. offer? Inc. has a unique 30 day policy. In fact, you may use the complete MacDB2000 application for 30 days without payment. Enter real data, generate your website, quote your customers, then when you are completely satisfied we can unlock your software for continued, unlimited use. But there is no requirement to purchase until you are completely satisfied. We can even extend your trial period if necessary!

7. Can I return MacDB2000?

All MacDB2000 software product & services ARE FINAL and AS IS. We DO NOT offer any refunds if you later decide that MacDB2000 is not your solution. In order to protect our software against piracy, and other issues, we have instituted this NO REFUND POLICY, and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. This no refund policy extends to everyone: end users, resellers and distributors.  We understand that purchasing software before actually trying it out could be difficult, therefore, we provide our FULLY WORKING software available for download on this website, FREE OF CHARGE. This TRIAL SOFTWARE contains all the features and capabilities as present in the unlocked software, so that you can check out all the features before you buy. If you are uncertain if MacDB2000 will be your solution, we urge you to download our software, and check it out for yourself! Always try the trial version first before you buy, since there is no refund after product has been purchased. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.