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MacDB2000 has a streamlined interface that is downright elegant in it's simplicity. Don't let its ease of use fool you though, MacDB2000 is a complete machinery sales software solution for:

  • Maintaining Customer and Industry Contacts.

  • Cataloging Equipment Inventory

  • Generating And Following Up On Sales Quotes.

  • Viewing and Tracking All Sales Quotations.

  • Automating Creation Of Your Website.

  • Tracking Job Costs And Expenses.

  • Printing Invoices and Purchase Orders.

  • Integrating Microsoft Word®, Internet Explorer® and Outlook®.

  • Easily Customizing Quotes, Correspondence and Spec Sheets.

  • MacDB2000 stands out from the competition because it is:

  • Peer-to-Peer or Client Server.

  • Microsoft Windows ® Compatible.

  • A True Graphical User Interface Application.

  • Multi-User, Network Compatible.

  • Costs a lot Less than others.

  • Easy to install and support.